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On the subject of honesty:

I cannot stand liars. They make my skin crawl with hatred. I’ve always admired the honesty of children. They don’t care what they say, perhaps because they don’t really understand the effects of what they are saying. I was in Boots the other day scanning the shelves for the right shampoo. Next to me was a woman, roughly 45 years old, and a girl of out about five years old. Out of the blue the girl said to the woman “Auntie Helen when I’m older I want boobies like mummies because they’re bigger”. I had to leg it out of the shop for fear of them sensing my amusement. It was hilarious! I appreciate the ‘directness’ of that statement however uncalled it was. That girl said what was on her mind and she wasn’t wasting anyones time by trying to cushion the fall for her aunt.

What really puzzles me is why some people accept others lies? They don’t even question them. In most cases it is because the lie is more comfortable to deal with but you’re just letting the unavoidable can of worms that must be opened grow. Being a naturally untrusting person, I don’t believe anyone. I will question everything that is said to me. A lie is no more comfortable for me, if anything it is more painful. The problem with people that like to people that prefer to let the can of worms grow so to speak is that they slow down the work of those that want to get it over and done with. A rhinoceros cannot be brought down if there’s only one lion willing to challenge it. I’m very pleased that I don’t tolerate people’s false words. I don’t like to be the one that delays the death of the rhinoceros when it’s certain


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