On the subject of honesty:

I cannot stand liars. They make my skin crawl with hatred. I’ve always admired the honesty of children. They don’t care what they say, perhaps because they don’t really understand the effects of what they are saying. I was in Boots the other day scanning the shelves for the right shampoo. Next to me was […]

On the subject of writing

Everyone does something for a different reason. Some people do just about impossible maths equations because they love the thrill of successfully working out 700 multipled by abc (you might be able to guess that’s not my thing). Some people love drawing because it’s an escape. I love writing as do many others because what […]

On the subject of helping people

I have two blogs, this one and another that I shan’t name because I’d quite like to keep it private. In the other blog I document my life, the bad things and the good things. I make that blog because I like to let people know that they’re not alone in what they’re going through […]